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About AAG Property Management

AAG Property Management is acknowledged as a reliable provider of residential management and real estate services throughout San Diego County. Our reputation for professionalism and integrity has established us as the top choice for a diverse clientele, ranging from second-home owners and new rental investors to experienced investors with extensive portfolios.

Our approach prioritizes the needs of our customers, starting with attentive listening to property owners to comprehend their unique requirements. By setting clear objectives, we utilize our expertise, skills, and resources to develop customized management solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Picture of Ayari Giselle
Ayari Giselle Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ayari Giselle is the visionary founder and CEO of AAG Property Management. Alongside her dedicated team, Ayari has orchestrated the seamless management of rental properties for numerous homeowners across San Diego. She takes pride in her dedication to conducting business with honesty and transparency, ensuring that lines of communication remain consistently open. Their overarching goal is to enrich lives by prioritizing the creation of opportunities, enjoyment, and positive impact within their community. Grounded in her faith, Ayari finds inspiration to continually strive for personal growth and excellence. Outside of property management, Ms. Giselle cherishes spending quality time with her husband, daughter, and their two puppies, Princess and Shrek.