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Know your property is protected with our guarantees

LEASING Guarantee

Our leasing guarantee provides that if a tenant does not fulfill at least 9 months of a year lease, then we will find you a new tenant at no additional cost. 

Eviction protection Guarantee

AAG Property Management works hard to ensure that only the highest quality renters are placed in your property. We are so confident in our tenant selection process that we offer an "Eviction Protection Guarantee."* This guarantee provides up to $1000 to cover legal fees for an eviction due to non-payment of rent by any tenant that we placed. Additionally, {% snippet name='company-name will secure a replacement tenant for you at no additional charge.

  *The "Eviction Protection Guarantee" is an optional service that is not automatically included as part of a property management agreement. If you are interested in the "Eviction Protection Guarantee," please contact us for more information.  

Cost Control Guarantee Guarantee

AAG Property Management understands that it is virtually inevitable that your property will at some point require repairs or maintenance. But it is important to us that our owners are never blind-sided by these expenses. Barring any emergent and/or habitability issues, we will work to ensure that any major, costly repairs are clearly communicated and agreed to ahead of time. We believe that communication is the key to our relationships.    

No Vendor Markup Guarantee

AAG Property Management holds that honesty and transparency are crucial when dealing with any expense that your property may incur. The competitive rate that our vendor charges is the same rate that you will pay. No markup.

Pet Guarantee

For our pet-friendly owners, we offer free pet screening through a nationally recognized pet-screening service. For any pet that we have screened, this guarantee provides up to $1,000 of damage protection for any pet-caused damage, in excess of the security deposit.